Emax Blheli ESC in bidirectional mode

I have 4 emax blheli 40A ESC and unfortunatley they all are programmed in bidirectional mode. Now ESC are not entering in programming. I tried blheli suit but when i connect it with my APM flight controller and ESC. It shows error(Connection failed, ensure that you have selected the correct port or restart your device.) so any help related to this issue will be very helpful for me. Thanks

The APM flight controller will not work as passthrough for BLheli Suite. The easiest way to re-program those ESC’s is to use a cheap Naze32 FC for passthrough. They cost no more than a “programmer” and will do all at once.

Thanks for your reply, Can you plz send me the link of any Naz32 and is there any other way to restore esc to factory settings.

Try this.It can be done with a radio.

Emax BLHeli ESC Manual.pdf (121.2 KB)

Thanks for reply, I already did whatever written in this manual but no luck. Actually i am stuck in bidirectional mode and in this mode, ESC do not enter in programming mode. I have to do it somehow manually.

Any Naze32 board will work. I don’t know where you are but here is one:

If you go this route install Betaflight (not latest Rev, I use 3.1.6) on the FC. Connect all ESC’s and then use BLHeliSuite to configure the ESC’s.

Betaflight firmware link, use NAZE target:

BTW-If you ditch the old APM Flight Controller and use a Pixhawk or Pixhawk variant Passthrough is supported with Ardcuopter 3.6Rc1.

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Thanks again. I will buy the Naze32 and will try to reconfigure the esc. Hope so, it will work.

I brought naze32 rev 6 and i followed a bunch of videos to pass-through blheli .my blheli suite is connected but when i press check or read my 4 esc shows no data.

Do you have Betaflight installed on the FC? Is it V3.16 or below? Are you using BLHeli Suite and not BLHeli Suite 32? Are the ESC’s powered from battery?

Yes, I upload 3.16 and also lower of its version till 2.9. but i got the following error as shown in the figure. Thanks

I wonder if they really are Emax ESC’s. On the Emax website they do not list a 40A ESC in the BLHeli Series. In any case try just connecting one ESC and see if it will read.

I have these ESC

I did testing on 1 esc and also on all esc the result is same.

Not sure what else to suggest. I did find something interesting with regards to an Emax40A ESC in the Github list of supported ESC’s as per the attached. I don’t know if it’s the same version you have.

what if i try to flash them using arduino

Worth a try. I have flashed many ESC’s of several brands with the Naze FC w/o trouble but none have been Emax.

bidirectional dshot support is now in master

Bidrectional in this thread refers to motor direction. 1500us “neutral” with forward/reverse.

But, I’m happy to see bidirectional data Dshot in master :grinning:

@dkemxr :slight_smile: good catch. I just did a forum search for bidirectional, and spammed a couple of threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I did the same thing a few weeks ago in one of Andy’s threads :grinning: