EMAX 4in1 ESC with Pixhawk1

Hello Friends:
I am building PixHawk1 F450 quad and have EMAX 4in1 ESC. While following arducopter wiki Pixhawk ESC issues , seems it will not work !?. I did searched following archives in support discussion and seems issue is fixed.

Can anyone kindly confirmed to me if this issue is resolved or not?. Your confirmation will help me in plan ahead.



I have one, and I can confirm it does not work with pixhawk. I believe the fix required a hardware modification on the esc, a pullup I think it was, so I don’t believe it was ever fixed.


Hello Friends: Just to confirm that I made my first flight using EMAX 4in1 ESC with Pixhawk1 and all OK. Its simple and plug-n-play, following ardupilot wiki instructions. I am using following config…

Copter: v3.4.6
MP: v1.3.48 build 1.1.6330.31130
Motors: 2312/960 KV (DJI Cloned)

NOTE: I think this ardupilot wiki require correction now, unless someone can comment here if problem still exists.