Emax 4in1 25Ax4 and Pixhawk

Hello All
I’am a begginer
Anyone can help me with max 4in1 and pixhawk.
In emax I have six wires four white one red and one black.
Any idea how it i should connect with pixhawk ?

The red will be +ve power, centre pin on the output
Black will be the -ve pin on the output
the white will be the signal pins

Thx a lot
To be clear.
I can see s1 s2, s3, s4 on he top of emax ESC
So S1 means signal for motor 1 and I shuold it connect to Aux Out 1 in pixhawk ?

It is the ‘Main Out’ that you will be using for motor control.
So s1 will go into pin 1 main out, 2 into 2 etc.

Thx very, very mutch :slight_smile:

One more question
Maybe it’s trivial question but I want to be sure
I get four emax mortors (MT 2216) and emax 4in1 ecs. ( 25Ax4 upgraded from simonk)
Each motor has three wires but each of them has the same color ( all are black)
In emax ecs i get A B and C connectors for three wires from motor.
How it should be connected ?

It does not matter which of the 3 wires you connect.
What will happen is that the motor will spin one way or the other.
If the motor spins the wrong way just swap any 2 wires one the motor and it will reverse the spin.