ELRS telemetry on Pixhawk

Hello all,
I have new remote controller Jumper T-Pro with internal ELRS 1W module and receiver Matek ELRS-R24-D. Jumper runs with EdgeTX 2.7.1 and both ELRS modules are flashed with 2.5.0 version.

I have Pixhawk controller with Arducopter 4.2.1 installed. Remote control works fine. Also receiver telemetry like RSS, RQly, TQly works fine. But Jumper T-Pro don’t receive Mavlink telemetry data.

I have tested firmware from both procedures “Install Firmware Legacy” and “Install Firmware”. I cannot install Pixhawk1, there is error not enough memory… So I’m using Pixhawk1-1M.

Strange think happened when I was trying to flash new firmware. Before flashing, flight controller was restarted. When it booted up, I started to receive also Mavlink telemetry data (RxBt, Curr, Ptch, Roll,…). Unfortunately after another flash I cannot reproduce it anymore :frowning:

I have tested different combinations of parameters RC_OPTIONS and SERIAL2_PROTOCOL (it supports DMA on TX/RX).

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CRSF telemetry is not included on the Pixhawk1-1M as there is not enough flash. You would need to use the custom build server to compile it in

thanks, I also found this information somewhere. But then I don’t understand how the telemetry was working for a while… ? Is it possible that I had loaded Pixhawk1 firmware?

how can I recognize 1M and not 1M Pixhawk? the manual here is not up to date: Pixhawk 1MB flash limit - Discussions - diydrones

how I can report issues on the custom build server? Build for Pixhawk1-1M failed.

It will build if you disable some things when adding CRSF Telemetry. There is one there now…

On a similar topic, is it possible to check if firmware supports it once it’s flashed?