ELRS telementry not working

Hi, i got a problem with get telementry on TX16S and ELSR i do all configuration form page:

and got only basic 10 parameters.
Matek H743-WING
0.6g GEPRC ExpressLRS ELRS 2.4GHz 868/915MHz
BETAFPV ExpressLRS ELRS retio 1:16

2.4GHz and 900MHz ELRS hardware is not compatible, both TX and RX must be on the same band. How are they connected at all?

If you are only getting the receiver telemetry, the FC is not able to talk to the receiver. What uart are you using? Do you have BRD_ALT_CONFIG set to 1 if necessary?

both of them are 900MHz ELRS. Everything is working I can do maneuvering with plane but telemetry from fc is not working.

Show a clear photo of your wiring and a param file. From what you report, the FC is not communicating with the receiver, which suggests a wiring or configuration issue.