Elevon yaw and pitch are swapped in stabilize mode


So my tiny delta wing seems almost ready to fly, except that when I move her around she tries to stabilize on the wrong axis. When I change the pitch the elevon move in opposite direction like they’re trying to compensate yaw, and vice-versa.

These axis were also swapped with my remote control, and I had to change the RC Mapping.

The virtual HUD moves on the right axis so it doesn’t look like an FC orientation (I have the arrow on the top, pointing left of the plane and I selected Yaw270)

Here’s a quick video that I did to show the pb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLAXYUm9bps&feature=youtu.be

Any idea what could be happening?

Here are my params: NanoGoblin.txt (31.3 KB)


Check that you haven’t got them plugged into the wrong channel. Change the output channel setting that’s currently set to elevon right to none, then try wiggling the sticks. If the right elevon moves, you had then the wrong way round.

So actually I just had to reverse one servo, now it works fine :slight_smile:

ah yes, sorry, misunderstood your post. That makes sense.