Electronic ID coming

With new legislation coming with regards to electronic ID, has anyone looked into how this can be implemented with Pixhawk?

I believe DJI will be rolling this out soon.

which regulation are you speaking of ?
From ArduPilot point of view we won’t move, it will rely on external modules to follow the regulation. Normally, we already send enough information on mavlink for each current electronic ID needs.

It’s the ability for an external source, like the police to be able to interrogate the drone, the info required will be: the remote pilot ID, issued to the pilot by the CAA. They are also talking of the aircraft serial number, along with height and speed.

It is being implemented from 2021 and will be a requirement for all drones over 250g!

Most of my commercial drones use Pixhawk cube, would hate to be stopped from using them.

Is there any information on how this ‘electronic ID’ system works? I’ve read that it is required that the ID is send by the UAV. But how? Which frequency? Which protocol? Are there modules available? 2021 is not that far away…

I believe DJI are somehow using a layer of the 2.4 channel. No idea how but hoping some experts here can look into how it could be done.

So DJI just invented something? Or are they following some spec? It looks to me that they have now new regulations, but there is no background on how to implement them in detail. I can’t even register because the infrastructure is not ready yet.

This is what I found on DJI.


Thank you.

“The Chinese drone maker will be releasing a free smartphone app in 2020 (once it gets regulatory approval) that will let anyone track and log crucial info about drones that are within a one kilometer (0.62-mile) range.”

I can only think of two solutions:
a. Internet based (pilot app transmits GPS coordinates etc. to the internet)
b. Wifi based, maybe they send some sort of Wifi AP beacon packet?

Still, it does not sound very official. Or is it planned that the police runs around with different smartphone apps for each vendor? :wink:

That’s what I was wondering too, they would have to scan through a load of apps!

Amazing that the regulators say it will be a legal requirement when nothing yet exists to do it.