Electrical interference on compass -- requesting logs

Would anyone be willing to share a flight log showing electrical interference on the compass? My research group at the University of Notre Dame is funded by NASA to look at flight anomalies, and we haven’t been able to find many examples of flight logs with examples of interference on the compass. It would be really helpful if anyone is willing to share such logs with us. With thanks!

Just do some searches on this site for “compass interference” or “ground mag anomaly” and you should find some. There should still be some .bin dataflash logs available for download to explore.
Use MissionPlanner, Review a Log


and at the bottom of the screen there’s a menu of preset graphs including many for compasses

In this discussion (linked below) you definitely see some interference. This usually occurs in the flight controllers built in compass due to its proximity to the power wiring and battery.

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Shawn, thanks for that link. We previously did quite a bit of searching under “compass interference” and found lots of discussion and graphs, but few logs. However, your suggestion to search for “Ground mag anomaly” is a gem and we are finding quite a few more logs now. Thanks so much!

this one has significant electric interference, but within what the ardupilot can handle:

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