EKF3 in ride along on 3.5-RC8 with Solo - Log evaluation

This is a log from my Solo equipped with a Pixhawk 2.1, running ArduCopter 3.5-RC8. I have EKF2 active and EKF3 in ride along. EKF2 is using the first IMU. EKF3 is using the second IMU. Evaluating the performance of this configuration is way over my head. Can any of the EKF gurus here take a quick look and see how it’s doing? Any recommendations or changes I should make?


How did it fly with EKF3 enabled?

No different. In this configuration, EKF3 is just logging and not in control of anything. EKF2 is still in control at the moment.

This was a good test candidate for EKF2 vs EKF3 dashboard:

It’s interesting to see them side by side, although to be honest my understanding of the data doesn’t go much far past the squiggles…

That is a work of art! I also have no idea what it all means though