ekf2 imu0 ground mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned

Now we did not use payload. The copter did not maintain its stability in flying and fly without any control.

The attached .bin log is testing without payload.

You will need to configure “RC failsafe”

vibrations are a bit high please as follow

  1. Use anti damping flight controller mount. or please follow below link
  2. Tuning the Harmonic Notch

We can attach another .bin file of crash.Can you check the .bin file.


when this crash has happened, Please give permission to the above link. every time I asking you, is my time weast.

we sent the .bin file. The crash happened last week. After crash We calibrated(ESC, radio calibration and compass calibration). Then, yesterday we again took flying test.

we had used anti damping flight controller mount also.

@Anooja_sukumaran Vibrations are there in your system.

ok. But why did the copter fly without any control when arming and also did not respond with transmitter?


This is the last flying test video. The copter moved up when arming, but the throttle did not move high.

I am not able to study your log. Do one thing give the small mission and observer vehicle.