ekf2 imu0 ground mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned

how to fix “ekf2 imu0 ground mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned” and “potential thrust loss”.
our flight controller is Hex Cube Black - PX4. we used herelink for controlling and also compass and ESC calibration done on mission planner.

The first one is a warning and can be safely ignored.
To solve the second one you need to either reduce weight or increase thrust

And update to ArduCopter 4.2.3

Total weight of UAV is 2.862 kg without payload. But couldn’t fly stably without payload.
After arming, sometimes it did not respond with ground unit(Herelink).

You are still not providing enough details.

@Anooja_sukumaran Send .bin log, so we can help you.

This is our hexacopter. we used pixhawk cube 2 black and herelink module as controller and transmitter respectively. We can upload last flying test video.

Dronee Plotter.pdf (39.1 KB)

.bin log file we need. in your flight controller, 1 memory card is there in that memory card some folder are there please send the total memory card data.

bin log file is too big. so we can’t upload.

As @amilcarlucas said, your system thrust to weight calculations you need to do. if your system total weight is 2.9 kg ~= 3 then your motor thrust should be 6kg thrust(each motor 6/6 =1kg thrust per lib)

use google drive. how much your .bin log file is

Now hexacopter can fly. But after arming the flight lost signal from herelink transmitter and flying without any control from ground or cut the signal from ground.


ok then there are exciting problems as follows

  1. loose connection herelink system.
  2. After taking off some interference is coming from the power system.
  3. Update herelink firmware.

note: Give separate power supply to herelink Air unit (using 2s lion battery)

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We actually fly our copter with stable before we adding our payload(gimbal and thermal camera). After first flying with payload, the copter lost its flying stability. Initially we used same power for both controller and payload. After losing stability we used separate battery for each payload and controller.

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you need to tune the copter with the payload. if the payload is soo costly then, use a dummy payload weight instead of the original.