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EKF Mag innovations zero?

All of my compass innovations are zero in my log, so NKF3->IMX, NKF3->IMY etc. Why might this be? Seems bogus. True on both EKF’s. This is 3.6rc9 on a pixracer.


We will probably have to ask @priseborough to be sure, perhaps it’s not using the compass at all. If you post a log we can have a peek.

I’ll dig out the log. It’s possible - I have 3 compasses, the external I am not using because of a stupidly high Z offset (1000) which seemed to confuse the calibration such that it set the offsets to something like 130000 for each axis on that compass. The other two compasses are normal, the copter was pretty stable in poshold and the other mag readings look ok. I recall there was a “ground mag anomoly error” early on in the flight.

Hi Rob, here is the log file

Here’s another one with rc10. This time its weird. For the first flight in STAB no innovations at all, second flight they are there coupled with a couple of EKF errors.

@andyp1per @rmackay9 I have a similar issue with my rover. Did you ever figure out the cause of this? When I plot NKF3 =>IMX, IMY, IMZ they all are zero

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