EKF inconsistent problem

I have a problem with my new wing
Everytime when i try to arm my wing it says EKF2 Yaw Inconsistent by XX degrees error or EKF2 roll Inconsistent by XX degrees error

This is how i placed FC in wing

I can arm it only when i face it to north

update : i flashed ArduCopter 4.0.5 and its working good but with Arduplane 4.0.7 still i have problem
update 2 : i reclibrated gyro many times on a completely leveled desk but problem still presents

@tridge @rmackay9 could you please look at this log file ? i think its same problem as discussed here

No any solution ?
Everything is good with Plane 3.9.9 but with version 4 i get EKF2 Yaw Inconsistent by XX degree

OK i found the problem!
i was testing my wing indoor and everytime i was trying to arm wing it was saying EKF2 Yaw Inconsistent by XX

unlike Copter , plane needs GPS lock even in manual mode to arm
so under roof it wasn’t have GPS lock and EKF2 wasn’t initialized and reports zero (i think this is the reason of why i can arm when it faced to north)

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