EKF Error Compass Variance, suddenly, until I land

Hello all,

I’m having an issue with my setup.
I’m using S1000 frame and PH1, with V3.4.6 Octa FW.

First issue is that when y try to calibrate compass, after doing a proper accel calibration, I get very high values in the second compass field, up to 900. First and third compass values seems to get good values, but second one not.

After trying two different PH1 and Gps+compass units setups, and also trying to calibrate the single pixhawk outside the frame, only with the usb cable attached, and getting the same high values, I decided to disable second compass, and leave PH1 using only the 1st one, externally mounted.

The copter seems to fly well, I get low vives, good EKF values, but suddenly, at the middle of the flight, I get EKF Error Compass Variance, and Compass column at EKF Status graph goes to the top in red, and remains in red until I land.
After landing, it comes back to a reasonable values.

While I fly, the copter seems to act well, the only strange thing is that it seems to turn yaw a little bit to the right and to the left, but assume it is cause the yaw re-alignment.

I post the telemetry log and bin log. Error happen about 90% of full length.
2017-03-29 18-18-27.tlog (1.4 MB)
2017-03-29 18-31-17.bin (2.6 MB)

Hope someone understands and could explain what can be happening!

Thanks in advance!

  • Have you solved this problem so far? I have the same problem