I recently updated to Copter v4.3.7 and now see that the EK3_ABIAS_P_NSE parameter has a default of 0.02, instead of my saved value of 0.003. Noticed this due to the “compare params” feature of Mission Planner while I was updating parameters from a saved .param file.

Is this value significant? I see that the v4.3.7 release notes mention EKF3 bug fixes. Does calibration or autotuning change this value? Should I use the new default 0.02 or my old value 0.003?

You should use the new default, especially if you are using RTK

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In Mission Planner, it says “value out of range” for 0.02 as the range listed is still 0.00001 to 0.005. Updated to newest Mission Planner today – is this range a typo now?

The docs need changing