Effect of wind on mapping/task speed

Most of my mapping work to date has been done in calm’ish conditions and when there is wind, I always try setup my legs cross-wind to get consistent ground speed and thereby make sure the camera can keep up with the triggering.

My question is: How does wind impact the task/mapping speed when it is fairly strong and I’m required to fly legs up and down wind? Since TRIM_ARSPD_CM controls airspeed, what happens in an extreme scenario when wind speed is same or near that value? Will the drone actually make any progress? Should one just use throttle nudge on the upwind legs?


You should configure a minimum ground speed as well, to ensure progress in strong headwind.
Strong tailwind may exceed camera speed, or cause motion blur. So in hard wind conditions it’s common to use only upwind part for data gathering, and fly downwind as transport only.
Cross wind pattern in strong winds , where there are 45 or more degree yaw, will also degrade overlap, so special planning is needed.

Thanks Andre, just discovered MIN_GNDSPD_CM, which is exactly what I was looking for.