Edge Tx and Yaapu

Just watched JB’s video about updating the Radiomaster TX16S to Edge Tx 2.5. So will Yaapu telemetry work on Edge TX?

@yaapu, have you tried it?

It does, it’s what I’m using. See here:
EdgeTx Yaapu

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Nice. Is it worth switching?

For sure. The touch screen functionality for the Radio features is very cool.


Thanks! Looks like I have my next project.

I was a bit apprehensive which is why I used a 2nd Sd card but following the EdgeTx installation instruction was straight forward and copying over Alex’s content and setting up the widgets is pretty much the same after getting a handle on using the touch screen.

Note: One thing I noticed is I’m not using Companion as much because the touch screen input is so handy and fast. The EdgeTx Companion works great and I’m a huge fan of Companion in general but configuration on the radio is nice now.

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I made the transition OTX2.3.14 to EdgeTX 2.5.0. Everything is fine except yaapu is not working. The widget is displayed but no populated data and the red “No Telemetry Data” banner is all black. My telemetry sensors are working (all 14). Tried everything possible, but to no avail. Does anyone have an idea what may be the cause?

Did you upgrade to the latest Yaapu dev version? Follow Dave’s link above.

Are you using crossfire?

the yaapu config screen doesn’t support touch screen , others is OK

Quick question Anyone copied the sim card out of the new RadiomasterTX16 with EdgeTx and transferred it to last years model TX16 by chance since most of the updating is software? I have Yaapu working on the old radio.

Are you looking for the OpenTX SD card or the EdgeTX SD?

Just wondering if I can use the new card with EdgeTX and install on the old TX16.

You also have to update the Bootloader and the firmware on the radio. And for Yaapu to work with Edgetx it has to be the dev version of Yaapu.

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Thanks good to know.

Got it working on the MKII using Edgetx os. Thanks.

@Allister @dkemxr where can I find documentation?
Link you provided has reached 1700 comments questions. I cannot follow…

On what exactly? My post was 9 months ago when it was new but there isn’t any real problem getting it working today.

Pick your poison. I’m still running 2.7.0. It works great for me, and the touch screen is worth it.

Greatly anticipating 2.8. It’s supposed to fix some annoyances with CRSF.

There are some things I will update with beta right away, but I’m always a little slow to update my radio, just in case… There’s enough test pilots out there. But I’m watching for 2.8 as well.

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