Eachine ex4 using a 11.1 v 3s battery

Hi Modellermark2 I’ve read your articles on the ex4 and watched your video of all the mods i like what i see and want to get the 3d battery holder made but you submitted two files to thingiverse ex4 lipo box and ex4 lipo box 1 which one should i use? and also do you use the clip and holder from the original model by Azkarel? Kind Regards Dave Beard

The ex4 lipo box “1” has a slightly smaller opening to give a tigher hold of the battery, even so I use foam tape on each side to keep it snug.
If you use wider batteries than the classic 3S 2200mah packs then you may want the none “1” version.
The clip and holder do need to come from the original as I just adjusted the sizes and added the side exit for the cabling to keep it really neat.
Hope that helps

Thankyou i have all the info needed your EX4 mods seem to go a long way as to making these drones fly way better than the original designs Kudos Engineering.

Kind Regards
Dave Beard