Durandal RCIN Not working

Trying to use the FrSky R-XSR Ultra in PPM or Sbus mode connected to the RCIN of the Durandal. MissionPlanner reflects no connection within the Radio Calibration screen. I can take the same receiver and move it to the Pixhawk Mini 4 (via PPM pins) or Pixhawk 4 via SBUS RC header and it works just fine.
It powers up when connected to the Durandal RCIN and binds to the transmitter just fine, it just seems like the Durandal is reading nothing.


Eh - I must have missed something swapping/testing receivers between controllers. It appears the receiver isn’t working (I have an existing R-XSR that works). I’m going to try and upgrade the firmware, else consider it a bad receiver.

Final update - The cable I was using (sh1.0 to dupont) was using the S.Port as signal (pins 1,2,3) which is for updating firmware when I needed to use a cable that used the Sbus as signal (pins 1,2,4).