Dual-motor tailsitters

Actually some more details here where I shared the files; TVBS Nano Drak VTOL conversion by appelm - Thingiverse

I discover and test the 215MG servos, 2 years ago, in my first VTOL :

As reported the Telemetry of the 4in1 ESC DShot BLHeli32 from Velox did not work.
Now I got another one: Tekko32 F4 4in1 50A ESC,BLHeli32

And again the Telemetry does not work.
Configuring with BLHeli Suite32 via Passthrou and the Function as ESC are OK.

I tested the Pixhawk with 4.2.2 and an older Wraith ESC as shown in the Wiki. With this the
Telemetry works but not with the newer ESC’s. Wraith is no more on the marked, instead now
in the shop of Holybro, here:

It seems, ArduPlane is no more compatible with the actual FW BLHeli32.

hey everyone, im tyring to build a dual motor tailsitter but in Q_hover mode it is not hovering either it will go up or down according to throttle inputs , i attached my param file please can anyone help me out
taisitter today data.param (20.1 KB)

hello sir can u share your param file i need to crosscheck with my param file , i m also working on dualmotor non vectored tailsitter

Each Taisitter (depending on its design, aerodynamics, weight, profiles, etc…) requires one personalized setup. I do not advise you to restore parameters between different models, this is the fastest way to crash. It is a better idea to calmly read the Arduplane documentation about Tailsitter tuning, in this way you will experiment, test and most importantly, lyou will learn about the behavior of different parameters and you will know with more certainty what to do when something fails.

as you mentioned sir im doing the tunings the major problem what im facing is in Q_hover mode the vehicle is not hovering at 50% throttle either it will ascend or descend according to throttle input can u suggest some parameter for it

for reference i need the param file just to check where im going wrong sir

This way it learns the throttle midpoint to stay alt

I tried with the Q_m_hover_learn =2 no progress its same

hover throttle learning only occurs with NO attitude changes…if you are moving sticks in QHOVER or there is wind in QLOITER (the two modes you can learn hover throttle in) it will not learn the hover throttle…that is because if the aircraft is leaning its applying more thrust to stay at the same altitude…

If you have not solved, this should help.
This yawing is caused by thrust imbalance even after ESC calibrated. Plane yaw controller tuning can solve. In my case I set below.
YAW2SRV_DAMP 0.020000
YAW2SRV_INT 0.900000

more likely its thrust miss-alignment…it has to be precise or at the lower airspeeds, before the airframe’s yaw stability ramps up, it will cause serious yawing…you see it start at the transition complete stage where the VTOL stabilization no longer compensates…thrust imbalance can also be a factor, but I personally have found the thrust lines are more important…you will notice a slow yaw creep in FBWA also due to misalignment of thrust lines, but it dramatic at low airspeed…I have had to shim the motors in several TVBS due to this