DUAL GPS "use best" option, and GPS as alt source

Dear all,

I’m running 3.6.12 on the cube.

I’ve a here GPS as GPS 1 and a RTK GPS connected as GPS 2.

I’ve selected GPS as alt source and “use best” for AUTO_SWITCH.

I was flying yesterday and my drone made a sudden drop twice. I check the log, I’ve “event changes of primary GPS”. It happened when my RTK switches from RTK fix to 3D GPS and back from 3D GPS to RTK fix.
FYI I’ve an offset of approximately 6 m between the RTK altitude and the Here altitude.

The question is what is behind the “use best” option?
I read that “use best” means the autopilot use the GPS with the best/higher status. So RTK fix = status 6 vs 3D GPS = status 4.
But what happen when GPS 1 and GPS 2 have the same status? According to what happened during my last flight, the autopilot switches then to GPS 1, but is it because when status are identical then it looks for the lowest HDOP or for the one with the more satellites or it simply falls back to GPS 1?

thank you!

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I’m listening too for same help as you.