Dual Airspeed Sensor - Redundancy

Hello everyone.

I want to connect and use two airspeed sensors at my drone. My question lies on how the software treats the two sensors. From what I can understand, I can setup up one of them to be the primary. But what happens when the primary has problem with the values I am getting and I want to automatically change to the second one?

The documentation here is not very clear:

Does anyone know if the Lane switching automatically change to the second airspeed sensor? The parameters: AHRS_WIND_MAX, ARSPD_WIND_MAX, ARSPD_WIND_WARN, ARSPD_OPTIONS=3 (?) must be all set up at the same time?

And one last question; Can I monitor in mission planner both airspeed sensors at the same time?

Thank you in advance and I am waiting for your response.