Dual airspeed - estimating relative side slip

Has anyone done any dev/experimentation with dual airspeed sensors?

There is a parameter that allows a second airspeed sensor to be enabled but I can not see anywhere that actually uses the data from arspd2. Has anyone done work on this?

If I can get the arspd value visible and logging I can see value in writing a LUA script to monitor the two sensors for errors and also attempt to measure side slip.

I use one I2C airspeed meter and one CAN airspeed meter to work at the same time.

Excuse me
I would like to ask what software you use to monitor the values ​​of the two airspeed indicators.
Is it possible to monitor two airspeed counter values ​​at the same time through Mission Planner?

IIRC there should be arspd2 or something along these lines in sensors.

The values of both sensors are saved in the log file.
Screenshot 2024-07-10 192444

I also miss a live display in the mission planner, or I have overlooked it, in which case I apologise a thousand times.

At the moment I’m not sure whether they are transmitted via Mavlink at all or whether the MP only displays the measured airspeed of the primary sensor.

You can use ARSPD_PRIMARY to select the primary sensor of both.

In flight i use OSD, where both airspeed datas and the data used by TECS are available:
OSDn_ASPEED_EN displays airspeed value being used by TECS,
OSDn_ASPD1_EN displays airspeed reported directly from primary airspeed sensor,
OSDn_ASPD2_EN displays airspeed reported directly from secondary airspeed sensor.


First of all thank you very much for your reply
I know that the bin file will record the value of the second airspeed sensor, but since I need real-time information, it allows me to confirm that both airspeed sensors are working at most.
I want to read the airspeed value through Mission planner (MP), but I haven’t found a way to display two airspeed indicators on the MP at the same time.
Has anyone used the MP method to monitor two airspeed gauges? Thanks in advance to those who responded!

First of all thank you very much for your reply
There is indeed a setting value for ARSPD2 in the parameter setting area, but I cannot find an item that can display the second airspeed sensor in the flight data of Mission Planner (MP). Do you know any relevant information?
Get your response in advance.

The temperatures of both Airspeed sensors are transmitted, but not both speeds.

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