Dshot with matek765 on rover 4 stable not working

I currently using rover 4.0 on my matek765 and since I could not get dshot working switched to simple pwm.
However I’m not very happy with how it responds and would like to try to get dshot working.
I remember there was an issue with dshot and the matek765?
Has this been adressed already and maybe available in the latest rover dev firmware?

What Dshot protocol did you try? Dhot150?

I doubt any difference in response will be realized between PWM and Dshot on a Rover. It’s difficult to tell the difference on anything but a small quad IMO.

Note: Perhaps you should post this in the other thread you started where this issues was being discussed?

Yes Dshot150.
I switched transmitter and it feels like it’s hard to calibrate the esc or stick input with pwm.
Have no good way of describing it.
It seems like I only have throttle input from center stick to plus minus 10% of stick travel (more like a full speed yes no)
And yes the stick calibration seems all seem ok.

I can take it back to the original thread, but don’t thing I will get much response there.

Solved and took it back to the original thread.