Dshot ,pixhawk and X8

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Question !.
Just to know , on the pixhawk its possible to connect (max) 6 Dshot esc’s if i’m right. Howto build an X8 with 8 Dshot esc’s ?. Is it possible to use 4 AUX OUT channels and connect 2 esc’s per one AUX OUT Channel ?. What would happen if this setup is used ? would this work including setup and telemetry ? . … The old Walkera Scout-X4 used a similar setup when upgraded to X8 ( four double esc’s , four motor OUT channels) .

Good remark! I’m also wondering why large copters users (more than 6 motors) have to use a setting intended for small one users.

With arducopter 3.5, Dshot 150 was available for BLHeli-s users, then when BLHeli32 (with that damned telemetry option) went, arducopter 3.6 broke that…

We want to be be able to use BLHelixxx without telemetry and without that hardware limitation.

Wiki is confusing on that point. Thanks for the tip.

Your right , its confusing. Regarding my question … What would happen if 2 Dshot esc’s are connected to 1 Aux Out ?.. I can understand that there is no separate speed control on both esc’s , but what about telemetry ? do you “see” both esc’s ( BLHELI32_Passtrough) when connected to one AUX OUT ?.

It’s my understanding that if the outputs are thru the co-processor, as main outs 1-8 are on Pixhawk/Cube, Dshot will not work. On boards with no co-processor (many) it will.

At the moment, DShot is only supported on the FCU outputs, as @dkemxr highlights. There is work going on to add to the IOMCU outputs as well, but it needs further testing (https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/12604).
Boards like the Matek F765, CUAV v5-Nano etc, which don’t have an IOMCU, tend to have more DShot capable outputs at the moment. Matek F765 has 10, Pixhawk4-Mini has 9, CUAV v5-Nano has 8. Some of the other single-processor boards probably have similar numbers.

I don’t have a mini carrier, but normal Cube carrier has 6. I expect it would be the same.
For large Octo’s canbus is a better choice: most of the DShot esc’s are optimised for high kv racing motors, not low kv heavy lifters.

Are there no other CAN ESCs besides the 20A ones? Trying to find at least 30A.

There’s a few Canbus ESC’s now, but they tend not to be at the hobbyist price point. VESC, Currawang Engineering ESC’s, KDE Direct UVC series, some of the higher end Zubax ESC’s or the Toshiba CAN esc’s. A search through the wiki will find all except the Currawong ESC’s, as support for them has only just been added to master.

As you mentioned… They are not at a hobby price. Hopefully soon