DSHOT and Telemetry

Hello, having connected my 4 Escs to telemetry i wonder if it is possible to have the cumulative current read from all of them and show as Mah consumed (so i can avoid using power sensor) and maybe an average of the battery voltage as read by the escs.

As i understand all these data can be logged but it would be very useful to use them in a way to avoid the now useless power sensor.



What ESC’s and FC are you using?

Turnigy multistar (the ones with telemetry cable) and Pixhawk 2.1



It is apparently supported in 3.6.0-rc3 (the latest beta) by setting the BATT_MONITOR parameter to 9. There are two issues that will be fixed in -rc4:

  • the parameter documentation hasn’t been updated to make it clear option 9 exists
  • there is a scaling issue

Feel free to give it a try with -rc3 though by setting BATT_MONITOR = 9 and then reboot the flight controller.

Thanks, it is great it is supported!!! Even if not perfect it is there and sooner or later it’ll work.

With the scaling option (once is there) it can be adjusted so that it overshoot it a bit so that i can take in account the other facilities on the drone that use energy that doesn’t go trough the escs but go out of the battery.

For example the motors consume 40 amp/h, and my gimbal and on board telemetry system use 2 amp/hour, i can upscale the motors a bit to take in consideration the rest and have a pretty much correct estimation of overall energy used.

thanks again,


Why would you want to go through all that hassle though? The power module measures very accurately (mauch modules better than 1% for me) so i prefer simple…

Don’t like to have parts not needed on my Aircrafts, if a new tech gives me more info than the old one and is lighter than i’ll use it, plain and simple.