Dronekit connect Timeout

I am transmitting telemetry data from the vehicle to Mission Planner, in my computer ,and then I start mirroring this data using MP’s mirror tool and connect with dronekit via tcp.
The problem is that during the initial state of establishing connection, the radio link becomes unstable and keeps dropping and coming back. In extremes cases, the radio link shuts down and only comes back if I close the script.
My radio link baudrate is 230400 and the connect command is :

connection_string = "tcp:"
vehicle = connect(connection_string, wait_ready=True,timeout=180,heartbeat_timeout=180)

It happened before and I thought the radio link’s baudrate between vehicle and computer was too low so I increased to 230400, but the problem persists.

What happens when you remove MP and connect directly?

Thanks for the reply, so far I haven’t been able to test it again, but as soon as I can I will write the results