Drone Quadcopter recognized as Octacopter

Hello Friends,

I just started building my own drone but trying to fly, she always tips over when i try to get it in the air. The most often answer seems to be that sth must be wrong with the ESCs or the motors but mine seem to be correct. Else I see in the Mission Planner that the software seems to think that my drone is a octacopter and not a quadcopter while I picked the right frame (x-frame).
That’s why I think, that this could be the reason, cause it only can speak to four motors, while it says that my drone has eight(found out in the motortest option)

Would be glad, if someone knows, why Mission Planner does so and caan tell me how to fix it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you send a screenshot of your frame layout screen?

Set FRAME_CLASS to 1. FRAME_TYPE you have right it sounds like.Then perform the Motor Test to confirm the order and direction is correct.

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Thank you Dave,

it worked :slight_smile: