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Drone Programming Course

(hans bert) #41

like the course so far. I am very new to udemy, is it possible to copy/paste the commands somewere?
or do i miss the textfile with all the used commands?

(Caleb Begquist) #42

Hi there @aamadeuss

A lot have asked for the txt file summaries I use at the beginning of the videos, and as of right now they aren’t available. However, I will shortly be packaging them together into a github repo that will be available for download. Don’t know why I didn’t do this at the beginning!

(Jhonatan Orosco Ambas) #43

Gracias por publicar esto, me gustaría revisarlo también, estoy empezando en este mundo y me seria de mucha ayuda.

(hans bert) #44

perfect, i think there is no “learning effect” in typing in all the commands especially in the vm setup etc. :slight_smile:

(Santiago) #45

Hi @Caleberg,

I just discover your post…And I am searching for deep learning in ardupilot…Thanks.