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Drone Programming Course

(Ed Vergara) #21

Hi Caleb,

The preview looks pretty interesting. I would like to review your course.

(Matthew Altenburg) #22

Hey Caleb I would love to go thru the course and give feedback. I currently in the processes of trying to learn all things Ardupilot.

(mark bellncula) #23

If you have any more coupons to hand out I’ll take one.

(KRCNZ) #24

Hi Caleb - I dont have a background in robotic academia or know what I’m reviewing but I would like to give it a go and I’ll let you know what I think from a lay person perspective.

(Raffi Avakian) #25

Hi i would love to review and get back to you.
Im in a drone startup early stages

(hans bert) #26

Hey :slight_smile:
very good idea to make such a course !
I would also like to review it, and give you some feedback.

(Corrado Steri) #27

Would love to review it too, great job!!!

(Ed Vergara) #28

Has anybody heard from Caleb regarding his offer? He seems to have disappeared.

(Robert Giordano) #29

Hey Caleb, I would love to take a look at your course. I’m trying to design drone frames and anyone can build but at some point I’d like to get into the software development side. I’ve been writing PHP, Javascript, and mySQL for years but I’ve never ventured into the realm of writing code for drones.



(cala2) #30

Do you plan a course for programming dummies?

(Jonathon Ready) #31

^for learning python for free

^learn the command line for free
you will be able to complete the drone course if you take these courses first

(cala2) #32

Thank´s Jonathon I take a view :slight_smile:

(Caleb Begquist) #33

Hello all! My apologies for delays, I have been on a bit of a sabbatical.

I think I have gotten enough feedback of late and appreciate everyone’s interest! The ArduPilot community is a cool thing to be a part of for sure :slight_smile:

@mips_avatar Thanks for posting those!

I am very grateful to this community and what it has done in the drone space, so if your account is older than ~6 months, message me and I’ll still send you a coupon if you’re interested. Of course, if you wanted to purchase the course and help support the creation of future video lecture series, I wouldn’t argue with you :wink:

(Paul) #34


In Section 6, lecture 34 my shell script fails because the mavproxy start line says that the “screen” command is not found. Please see below:


pw@ubuntu1:~$ launchSitl
os: linux, apm: copter, release: stable
SITL already Downloaded and Extracted.
Ready to boot.
Execute: /home/pw/.dronekit/sitl/copter-3.3/apm --home=44.5013,-88.0622,0,180 --model=quad
Started model quad at 44.5013,-88.0622,0,180 at speed 1.0
bind port 5760 for 0
Starting sketch 'ArduCopter’
Serial port 0 on TCP port 5760
Starting SITL input
Waiting for connection …
/usr/local/bin/launchSitl: line 14: screen: command not found
/usr/bin/python: can’t open file ‘’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
/usr/local/bin/launchSitl: line 20: kill: (2006) - No such process
/usr/local/bin/launchSitl: line 21: kill: (2010) - No such process
/usr/local/bin/launchSitl: line 22: kill: (2014) - No such process


Can you tell me what to do about this?

UPDATE: Not to worry: did an $ sudo apt-get install screen, and then it worked.



(Aleksander Sawicki) #35

Would love to review it too, very good job!
In future you could think about adding the pymavlink section :wink:

(Soubhi Hadri) #36

Hey @Caleberg ,

I have experience in all the curriculum for your course. In case you still need more reviewers, I am ready.
Happy to see courses in this domain!

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #37

I went through half the lessons. It looks a very good course.

(Rick James) #38

This would good to go through. I’d like to run through it as we need more things like this out there.

Awesome for putting it together.

(Corrado Steri) #39

I am pretty much stuck at the ubuntu stage. I tried all the different hardware setup i possibly could but the virtual ubuntu is so slow it is not possible to use it.

I guess i’ll have to find a machine to install linux native on.


(Caleb Begquist) #40

Hi there @Corrado_Steri. Sorry to hear you are stuck at that point. Depending on what the hardware specs of your actual computer are, you may be able to delegate more resources to your Linux VM to give it some more horsepower (Like RAM and CPUs).

@tiffo Thanks a lot! I’m happy to gain the approval of my youtube professor :slight_smile: