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Drone Programming Course

(Caleb Begquist) #1

Hi there everyone

I made a course on Udemy (a video lecture site with 15 million students) termed “Drone Programming Primer for Software Development”, which can be found here. I intentionally went as broad as possible, but I provide some introductory information on the following,

  1. ArduPilot
  2. MAVProxy
  3. MAVLink
  4. DroneKit,

while using a SITL drone.

So far 1184 students have enrolled, mostly through free initial promotions. I hope this course will help to expose a new group of people to the ArduPilot world.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in checking it out and giving me some feedback on what could be made better, or correct any mistakes I may have made :slight_smile:

If you message me, I will send you a coupon
Thanks so much!

Caleb Bergquist

(rmackay9) #2

Hi Caleb,

I’m happy to review it for you. Txs for putting this together.

(Caleb Begquist) #3

Hey there @rmackay9

I really appreciate it, I know you are a busy man! I sent you a message with a free link

(ppoirier) #4

Just looked at the sample, that is pretty good :+1:
I like the pacing, it is just fine, not too slow and repetitive like it happens sometimes .

(Wasim Akram) #5

Hello Caleb,
I am an ex-academic in robotics engineering, and I’ve got a decent background in UAV design and general programming. I could help review your course too.

(-) #6

Thanks for posting this, we would like to review it as well.

(Hai) #7

thanks for put them together. I’d like to review it as well.

(Nihal M) #8

That sounds great ! I Volunteer to review as well!

(ACPUK) #9

From the Preview, this looks good. Well done Caled. This is what we need to expose the possibilities.
I would love to complete the entire course and present my comments.

Well done

( .) #10

I’ll review it. I love platforms like Udemy and Pluralsight. Studied for both of my certifications on there lol.

And as a “new drone user” i can give you some feedback on ease of understanding

(Caleb Begquist) #11

@ppoirier That’s good to hear, I perhaps started to get a little OCD with my refilming!

Thanks everyone! It took a month to put together, so I’m extremely happy to see the mothership’s interest! I’ll send you some coupon links, message me if I missed you :slight_smile:

(Paul) #12

Caleb, I kindly wish to review the course as well. I need help with the programming aspects of the items listed. Thanks,


(Richard Joy) #13

If you need another course tester let me know.



(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #14

Hey I’d like to review your course too. You can check out my youtube channel for reference

(Caleb Begquist) #15

@Spitfire @flyingw @tiffo

I sent you messages with coupon links :slight_smile: let me know what you think

@tiffo Your youtube channel is what taught me most of my dronekit knowledge around 5 months ago! I am very grateful for the time you took to make your videos, you are like a celebrity to me haha.

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #16

I’m glad. Hey, if you’re still in Tulsa we should definitely meet

(Paul) #17


I am setting up my Ubuntu 16.04 server and encountered this error when installing the dependencies in Section 3, Lecture 8. I was following the instructions on the left side of the page:

root@ubuntu1:/home/pw# pip install MAVProxy==1.6.2
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/pip”, line 9, in
from pip import main
ImportError: cannot import name main

Any ideas?

Perhaps it would be helpful to have a place to copy and paste the commands as I may have made errors typing them out.



(Paul) #18


Never mind - I installed again, this time not running the pip --upgrade command and it all proceeded well as you showed in the terminal window.


(healthyfatboy) #19

I would be interested in testing it out too. I’m in the process of trying to learn some of this myself for a potential opportunity so it would be great to give some feedback on it.

(Caleb Begquist) #20

@tiffo Definitely! I would love to chat sometime soon!

@healthyfatboy I sent you a coupon!