Drone is too much sensitive

I’m making a quadcopter. I have assembled the parts and I tested it.
The drone is too much reactive that when I give a very small throttle then it goes up very speedily and on lowering the throttle it comes very very fast.
I’m using following parts:

  1. Pixhawk 2.4.8 flight controller
  2. Taranis Q X7 Transmitter and RXSR FrSky Receiver

What I have to do to fix this issue? Can anyone please help me

You have built an overpowered drone.

These need a bit more careful PID parameter tuning.

How big is the frame?
What motors, props battery?
What FW version?
The details you provided are funny, is like saying “I have a problem with my car, it has an engine and four wheels, please help me” !!
Please provide more details we are not clairvoyant here!!!

Take a look at:

And there are many threads on this forum explaining it step by step as well.

Supply the info as @amilcarlucas asked but there may be no “problem”. High thrust/weight craft, if that’s what you have, require a subtle touch on the throttle that has to be learned.