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Drone is misbehaving

(Ritesh Pal) #1

Can anyone review my log file and tell me whats wrong with my drone…

(Mike Boland) #2

Your log looks OK.
You had some radio dropouts at the start and hit a battery FS at the end but it looks OK.

(Ritesh Pal) #3

The radio was connected to it all the time. I dont see why the radio fail safe got enabled. The battery fail safe at the end is OK because I intended to drench the battery completely. In mid air there was a sudden yaw to the left which was not commanded. Also check the RCin VS RCout graph. There is a huge variation. And when I change the mode from AltHold to Loiter, there is an unwanted pitch. Also there was some vibration I guess which I am not sure of.