Drone flip in ALT Hold

Hi all,
We have been flying with a companion computer in guided no GPS, and when we switched to the ALT HOLD drone, we decided to flip 360 degrees.
FC: Kakute H7
Arducopter: 4.4.4
Attaching logs (link drive), maybe could someone help ?

That looks really wired, according to the log the drone started oscillating out of nowhere.

I would recommend updating to the current version of Ardupilot. If you can then reproduce the issue in a safe environment with imu logging enabled that could help identify the issue though any flight with more logging could help.


Your compass is disabled, why?

We use only IMU+BARO and our visual feedback from the camera.

You mean this param? Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation

So its yaw estimation comes from the IMU? Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s the issue.

Yes, primary only should be enough to check for high vibrations and possible disturbances.

Do you have visual position estimation? Why not feed that to the autopilot?

we use it only duirng GUIDED NO GPS mode, so during normal flight this is not working.

We have not seen such issue before though. We have flown without compass for long and we haven’t had a flip during alt hold. Thus I am curious

Actually, on closer look, there seems to be an issue with ESC0.