Drone flies up in RTL mode

Just put on a new set of motors on the drone and takeoff and small maneuvers was very stable. However, the drone started fly vertically up when put in RTL mode. Can you help me debug the issue? Here is the flight log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bdmk8zSbSkHrcaaYM8b6xUFNDs9xaUZi/view?usp=sharing

You can see the Alt increasing till I take over and land the drone manually.

It was climbing to RTL_ALT which you have set at 10m. What issue? You should update the firmware, 3.6.11 had a serious issue. 3.6.12 at a minumum but current Stable would be the best plan.

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Thank you, my newbie nervous took over and I didn’t realize that.

Arducopter 4.0.4 stable version got released, you might want to test that after upgrading to 3.6.12 and saving your parameters. That way you can come back to 3.6.12 in case you want to…