Drone dropping inflight (probably due to heating of esc) MATEKH743-MINI V1.5

Hi guys

so i am running a 4in setup

-1404 motors 4600kv
-gemfan floppy proppy (4in)(wanting to use gemfan lr 5in)
-2s lithium ion battery pack
-flywoo 13a blheli_s esc dshot 600
-walksnail avatar lite system
-I flight blitz M10 gps
-matek optical flow and range finder

  • also a speedy xaio board with VL53L1X for AVOID
  • ELRS system

i am facing an issue where the drone drops out of the sky after a few minutes of flight
my walksnail temprature reches 109deg

and my esc gets quite hot

also this stetup is not for performance or mad manuvers, just for very slow and efficent fight

any suggetions (below is the log file and the ardupilot params)

new 4.param (21.9 KB)


Almost certainly noise - please working through the tuning guide

HI, I DONT UNDERSTAND TUINING IN ARDUPILOT, CAN YOU HELP ME OUT, have read docs and seen videos, but my setup is quite diffrent @andyp1per

@Michael_Oborne any thoughts ?

The craft is not flying in that log. But from the parameter file you have done no tuning. Default PID’s, and some other parameters, are not suitable for a 4"craft. Make these changes and provide a log of a simple hover in AltHold:

You will likely have to also drop the Rate PID’s significantly. But this will be clear from the log.

do let me know guys @dkemxr @andyp1per @Michael_Oborne

thanks a lot

@dkemxr @andyp1per

sorry for the inconviniance the above file has an FMT issue
the file i attached below is the one thats reading with LOG_DISARMED enabled

hi, @dkemxr

the file works
i am attaching it again here

This probably looks better after making the PSC parameter changes but there is still output oscillation:

Drop the Rate Pitch and Roll PID values in half and for now set these notch
filter parameters:

Make another hover flight.

@dkemxr which numbers out of these

sorry, i am quite new to this
Screenshot 2023-09-21 201532

i will change the filter from full parameter list


can you plese let me konw which params have to be changed in extended tuining tab to reduce pitch and roll rate by half,

its silly i know, but the fact is i dont know, if you could mark the screenshot i sent, would be a great help man


,btw i changed the filters you asked for

Rate Pitch and Roll P,I &D. Cut them in half.

HI, @dkemxr

I changed the PIDs here is a photo of them

and below is the log file after the changes
the esc is still getting hot tho

Looking better but noise is still present. Change these:
ATC_RAT_PIT_D,0.0015 (and same for Roll)
ATC_RAT_PIT_I,0.05 (and same for Roll)
ATC_RAT_PIT_P,0.05 (and same for Roll)

I just noticed you have EK2 enabled. Disable that and make another hover flight.

HI @dkemxr

Did a flight with all the settings you gave and EK2 off
i touched the ESC was warm for the first time, (could be a misconseption) below is the file

also the quad twitches aggresively when going into FLOWHOLD



Do let me know what results you get after analysis

I would forget about FlowHold until the craft is tuned. After that read thru this and play around with it then:

The basic tune looks OK, good enough to try an Auto Tune anyway. You do have a mechanical Yaw bias on this craft. This is usually from twisted motor mounts or arms. Note the difference between the CW and CCW outputs here:

It’s not terrible but something to look at on the frame. What frame is it?


my motors are mounted at 15 deg angle
what to do for that, haw can we tune the yaw bias

also this setup is running 4in floppy proppy props

can i run gemfan LR 5126 biblade props

Then they are not at an equal angle.

Probably. Try it.


i will try the 5in and send the logs,

lets see whats the best when it boils down to max efficiancy

and after that result ithink i should do a autotune

sounds like a plan ???