Drone Doesn't Take off.

2021-04-22 11-48-55.zip (913.2 KB) After arming the drone, drone wont taking off. When I increase throttle then drone goes disbalance .
Some time it flip left & some time drone nose goes upward . Here the log below;
Please help me out.

Is your motor order right? Are your motors spinning in the right direction? Are the propellers in the right place (CW, CCW)? A photo of your copter from the top would help.

Yup ! All motors spinning in the right direction. Propeller also.

Which flight mode did you try in?

Loiter & Position hold

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Try stabilize mode, be careful tho because the throttle is full manual, yaw roll and pitch same as position hold!

And put a screenshot of your PID values! And the weight of your craft

Has this craft flown before? Because it looks like you have fiddled with the PID’s.

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Yes … it has flown before

Perhaps you should set the PID’s back to default? I don’t see any rationale for this large of a difference in Angle Pitch and Roll.

And set these: