Drone crashed during takeoff

Help understanding why it happened will be greatly appreciated!
Attached the log file:
00000254.BIN (218.1 KB)

Your desired roll and pitch are way off but I think the real first issue is excessive vibration.

As you can see it is causing clipping and I don’t think much additional analysis is going to yield much until these vibrations are reduced.

Your battery voltage is not keeping up very well with demand which won’t help stability.


Another common issue with crashes during takeoffs is the motor order or propeller direction is incorrect. It’s good to check with MP’s motor test screen.

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I want to add some information -
I initially climbed in POS HOLD, and than switched to AUTO. In the moment I switched to auto, for some reason the autopilot reduced the power to the motors instantly and significantly. you can see it in the log. I assume this also made it impossible to control the attitude of the drone which led to the crash.

I suspect the power reduction to the motors has something to do with the altitude estimation which seems off. Can any one shed light to this?

I am using a ulanding radar as a rangefinder.

Attached are images of the RCout, the desired climb rate and altitude.