Drone Bucking during flight

I have a clients drone in my shop that is having some issues with random bucking midflight. I found the Cube body itself has some play, nothing major but it shouldn’t move at all. I’m replacing the cube to start but before I test it again I went through all parameters I have loaded on the old cube to see if something might be throwing it off such as a failsafe or a barometer setting forcing an autocorrection at the wrong time. I’m at a loss. I compared params with a similar drones params and haven’t found anything obvious. Has anyone experienced this bucking issue? I should also note there is a rats nest of wires in this drone that I’m going to clean up as well that may be causing interference.

Post a link to a .bin flight log file.

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Thanks, heres the link


Normally we would ask to identify one (1) log file where the issue is present but seeing as how it’s not yours perhaps you don’t know. I looked at one (2024-06-01 12-10-03.bin) and there are several problems.
It’s very old firmware which should be updated before advancing.
The vibration levels are very high with thousands of clipping events
The Tune is poor with major oscillation.
The Rangefinder data looks bad.

After replacing the Cube start over. The Configurator

I was told all of those log files were from when the issue was present. Thank you for the advice, I will give it shot

I have a comparable Parameter file with the updated Firmware someone was kind enough to allow me to use. Would you mind giving me a sanity check to make sure it checks out? I have Highlighted in yellow where our Parameters differ from the Comparable Parameters with the updated firmware.