Driver clash, windows 10, mission planner 1.3.66, PXN-2113 Thunder pro usb joystick

i have been using mission planner and apm 2.xx and pixhawk 2 for many years with no problem, but …

there seems to be a driver clash when i try to enable the joystick in mission planner. It briefly recognises what joystick is connected and 3-5 seconds later mission planner crashes and closes.
I have tried while connected to pixhawk, not connected to pixhawk, enter configuration before plugging in joystic, joystic plugged in first.
all situations crash 3-5 seconds after enabling joystick.

thankyou for your help on this matter

QControl ground station works with joystick, but would prefer to keep mission planner

can you please post more details about the crash itself? like a screenshot of the error etc

I Have attached links to video hosted on youtube.

This is qground control working.

This is mission planner failing.

can you post the file missionplanner.log
its located at c:\programdata\missionplanner\

MissionPlanner.log (292.1 KB)

Could you test your joy with this prog : (277.7 KB)

This is the joystick test app from SharpDX.Directinput, the same lib that MissionPlanner uses. If it crash as well, then the problem is not with Mission Planner, but rather the driver of your joy.

(If you don’t trust the app, and have a Visual Studio I can give you the location of the test prog, so you can compile it yourself)

works fine.shows positions and buttons.

it something to do with the skia buttons at a guess.

when you connect all the buttons show up.

i need to look more

thanks. i would appreciate any help.

can i lobotomize the joystick to only 4 analog channels?

sorry to bug you,
i am hoping to use this in the outback challenge and would prefer not to buy another joystick