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Drifting in PosHold Mode with Hereflow


My quad is using copter 3.6 with Hereflow sensor and flying indoor at a height of 1.6m above carpet in PosHold mode.

The flow sensor is tuned according to this guide:

The OF log from flights are here:

The quad is unable to hold its position well, tends to drift backwards and to the right slowly. Need help to figure out what cause the drifting please. Thank you


I also have the same problem where my quadcopter is constantly drifting in the y-axis. it’s a small drift but it’s noticible. I went back and checked my flight log and found out that the OF.BodyY graph is smaller than my OF.FlowY. I tried to follow the Hereflow Calibration and the instruction said to change Flow_YScaler so that OF.BodyY and OF.FlowY would line up. However, changing the Flow_YScaler seem to do nothing for me. If you ever figure out anything, please let me know.

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