Drift mode question

I am exploring on all the frlight modes and have not tried Drift Mode. The WIKI says this allows the copter to be controlled very intuitively with a single control stick if using a Mode 2 transmitter. Does that mean that the right stick will control Yaw and Pitch, but Roll (Aileron) is controlled by the autopilot meaning the Aileron stick will not influence Roll at all?

The reason I am asking is I fly mode 1 and I’m wondering how the Drift mode controls will respond on Mode 1? Is it safe? Please advise before I turn on this flight mode.

I was not able to wait and have activated DRIFT mode. Can somebody confoirm that if you are flying mode 1, the Aileron and Yaw stick is reveresed? The right stick is Throttle and Yaw while the left stick is Elevator and Aileron. Looks like it is not right. I did is slowly so the copter is safetly landed before I confuse myself. WHAT A FEELING.

You can read about it on the wiki,


It says “You “fly” the MultiCopter with the right stick (on Mode 2 controllers) controls Pitch and Yaw”

So the right stick should control the pitch and yaw instead of pitch and roll.

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The point of drift mode is to control pitch and direction with one stick. Not much point with a Mode 1 radio.
Not much point with a Mode 2 radio either but I suppose everyone tries it once.

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oh, you meant a mode 1 radio, not flight mode 1… sorry, seems like I don’t have my head with me today.

For mode 1 radio I don’t know what will happen.

Thanks for the confirmations. I’ll move away from this flight mode then. Its confusing to me.

You may inadvertently enter RTE mode.

Return to Earth😀



Ha ha ha… That is perfectly correct. RTE before you mixed up your mind on the reverse controls and hurt your copter. This flight mode is not for me. I will have a read on Throw. Maybe this is more exciting. Adrenaline what will happen after you toss the copter on air. Will the PROPS spin and hover by itself? Lets find out.

I used Throw mode for awhile by throwing it off my deck which is ~4m above grade so it was dropping before being triggered. It was pretty cool. The 1st throw is a bit worrisome!

Yes I’ve seen a video in WIKI throwing the copter out of the window on a second floor building. Any advise you can share on this flight mode? Any safetly measure that must be kept in mind during the throw. I’m a bit concern that during the recovery process, it might come near you and hit you.

If you are going to throw it up give it a good throw. If it doesn’t reach the threshold it won’t enable. That’s what happened to me the 1st time by being too timid. And do it on grass!

Right. Thanks heaps.

I have setup a Throw flight mode. Then from Disarm state, I switch to Throw mode. GPS light is already green at this stage. Then I arm the copter. My parameter settings is for the motors to start spinning when Armed. The WIKI says (and even the DEMO video) listen for the ready tune.


  1. After I arm the motors, they start splinning.
  2. I was not able to hear the ready tune. What I hear is the Motor Arm Tune. Is that the same as the Ready tune?

I am not sure if the copter is ready to be tossed on the air. Can somebody confirm if my parameter settings are correct and copter is ready to be toss on air? Please refer to the video below for more details.

20221222.param (19.5 KB)

Set THROW_NEXT_MODE to Loiter or AltHold not Throw Mode. Althold if you are not sure of good GPS position. If you have telemetry on your radio and you are sure then use Loiter. You can then switch to something else after it’s Stable in hover.

Note: If you are using Yaapu go to the messages screen, you will probably see something useful as feedback. Don’t know for sure, when I was using throw mode Yaapu didn’t exist.

Does that mean that I need to set the throttle stick at mid position when I set the THROW_NEXT_MODE to Loiter or AltHold before tossing the copter on air? I’m anticipating that if the throttle is left at low position, the copter will just drop after it has switched to the next mode.

I’m a big fan of a spring-centered throttle for multirotors for this reason.
The number of times we’ve seen people switch to Stabilise during a “situation” only to watch their copter drop like a stone…

Of course, that can be tricky if you use the same transmitter for Plane.

I use my radio to fly Helicopters, Planes and my copter. Is it better to set THROW_NEXT_MODE = Break then? The video in WIKI says in this mode, the flight controller will not accept any pilot input. Is this still the case on the latest version?

I am tempted to buy another flight controller for one my heli. The only problem is there are more vibrations in helicopters so that might be tricky to setup.

You could use Brake mode - it should hold position and do nothing else until you switch into another mode.

Great. Thanks, mate, for all your help. All your tunning advices when I was setting up this copter are spot on. Very happy with it. There are two issues that cannot be solved until now, but I can live with them. I just cannot post the BIN file when needed. But until now after your tunning settings, there is no compelling reason to provide a BIN file. I think only a new FC will fix these two problems. If weather permits, I will go to the flying field to test the Throw flight mode today.