Downgrade SiK Telemetry Radio V5 firmware

Hi there,

I’m looking to downgrade my SiK modules from version 2.0 to 1.9. However, both Mission Planner and QGroundControl automatically download and upgrade to their links (2.0 and 2.2), making it impossible for me to use the version 1.9 firmware file.

I’m wondering if there’s a version of these programs that allows for manual firmware upgrades via file upload? Alternatively, is there a way to manually downgrade the firmware? (I’m using Windows 11 x64.)
I noticed there are Linux-based instructions in the README.markdown of version 1.9, but unfortunately, the software version requirements are not compatible with my Ubuntu system. I can’t use EC2, because of compatibility issues.
(I prefer windows based method.)
Appreciate any guidance you can provide.


Use search on the forum here for “sik v1.9”

Thank you for your response. I’ve read through the forum, particularly this similar question: SiK radio problem after upgrading to firmware 2.0.
Which you provided valuable information. But nobody mentioned the specific software they used for downgrading or flashing back to 1.9.