"DoubleBat" Power Supply For Quadplanes

These are quit ordinary power modules for Pixhawk


Hi Rolf
Thanks for sharing your nice job. What I’m afraid with this is…is not adopted for tilt rotor type VTOL because rotors should be shared by copter and plane mode. Am I right?

Yes. At tiltable motors you would need a switch. Whether the possible advantage is worth a high current switch ? i don’t know.

Thanks Rolf,

Is there any “Switch” for tilt type VTOL except Foxtech? ( which I think is over priced ^^; )

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I have no idea if there are good relays, for example.

Our next tri-tiltrotor vtol should have only one front motor tiltable ( Reverse Tricopter-VTOL Plane )
Both rear motors are just for hovering and will get a separate battery.

it would be interesting !

Rolf, thank you very much for sharing your models. Let me ask you something: Why the flight battery and hover battery are connected in the negative wire?


Because the voltage reference needs to be the same. Without this bad things will happen.


Hi @MolettoLobos,

as @amilcarlucas already wrote, it is important as common signal ground. The voltage drop should be as low as possible. The cable should therefore have approximately the same diameter as the battery cables.

Regards Rolf


@Rolf In your arrangement, it appears that the VTOL battery powers the FC and the Flight battery powers the servos.
In my build configuration, the Flight battery powers the FC and the servo rail (separate BEC’s) while the VTOL battery only powers the VTOL motors. Is it possible to use the VTOL battery as the backup power for the FC in case the Flight battery fails? I intend to use a BEC for the VTOL power so that voltage is monitored even if it isn’t a backup power source. FYI - I am using a Pixhawk 2.1 cube and Mauch power modules.

This would be a question for @pompecukor as well since it is a hybrid power setup.