Does this board work with ArduCopter, or only PX4?

Hello, I’m interested in upgrading my drone’s fc and I want to check if this board is compatible with arducopter, or only with PX4 firmware, here is the link

If not, which would you recommend? I would like Amazon links please!


Yes but the pixhawk 2.4.8’s are almost all renowned for missing some of the power supply parts that improve reliability and they seem to be made with “factory seconds” chips that have a high failure rate.
That is the IMUs can go crazy, the barometer can stop working…
Although there’s many of them out there probably working ok, it’s still a risk.
Maybe go for the Mateksys boards, they seem to reliable, cheap, small. Just search Amazon for the ones in the supported hardware list.

Or going up-market, the Holybro Pixhawk 4 or CUAV FC’s - but you can see the price jumps up quite a lot due to the quality.

Edit: you’ll find that many of the cheap 2.4.8 pixhawks and similar come with very cheap nasty power bricks, very poor voltage regulation. Probably another reason to go with the Mateksys boards that have the regulator built in.

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I 2nd the Matek board choice. For full size H743-wing. They are available here (US) on Amazon but at an inflated price. Also for you at ~100€

I still want to buy a pixhawk for compatibility and some other reasons. Is there a board that you know that works fine (from the pixhawk family) and has the best specifications for the price?

All are compatible. Pixhawk is not more compatible than any other.

No. Holybro’s Pixhawk 4 but it’s much more expensive.

How do you connect aux and motors to it? It has no pins at the bottom like the original did!

Google “Holybro Pixhawk 4” and you will find this:

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So what you want to say is that you pay more just for quality and reliability?

Be aware that the Holybro Pixhawk 4 only has “The first 4 of the auxillary PWM outputs support DShot”
However on the Mateksys boards “All motor/servo outputs are Dshot and PWM capable”

Read through all the specifications of each board in the Arducopter doco before settling on one.

As @amilcarlucas says they are all as compatible as each other since Ardupilot changed over to Chibios and the HWDEF file method of compiling the firmware for each board. New boards can be (relatively) easily added at any time.
The only exception is some boards don’t have much memory (like an old Pixhawk 1megabyte) or don’t have a SD Card slot. You’ve got to check out all candidates in the list where all those points are detailed.