Does RTL obey Geo-fence

@rmackay9 I performed a short flight, having an inclusion-type fence. The mission plan was made such that the copter breaches the fence. This was done to see if it stops or slides over the fence boundary.
The copter breached the fence and went into RTL as per FENCE_ACTION. While returning home it again breached the fence and did not give any message on GCS for breach. So I was wondering if RTL actually obeys Geo-fencing.

Also can AVOID_ENABLE = 0 & AVOID_BEHAVE = 0/1 help here?

RTL takes shortest distance back and will breach geo-fence. You must enable the Object Avoidance feature for pathing around fences and whatnot.


The stop/slide behaviour is for simple avoidance which only works in manual modes (Loiter, etc). To make RTL avoid the fences @manavgandhi17 is right that Dijkstra’s or BendyRuler needs to be enabled. I’d recommend Dijkstra’s for this use case.


Thanks! It works fabulously! The way I was expecting it to.

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