Does dronekit sitl works for plane?


I am facing a serious trouble. Apparently the dronekit-sitl works for copter and rover but not the plane and causes the following issue:

alphaqueen@DESKTOP-MINFM4M:~$ --master tcp: --sitl --out --out
Connect tcp: source_system=255
Log Directory:
Telemetry log: mav.tlog
Waiting for heartbeat from tcp:
MAV> AP: Calibrating barometer
online system 1
AP: Initialising APM…
PANIC: AP_Baro::read unsuccessful for more than 500ms in AP_Baro::calibrate [2]

no link
link 1 down

Is it just me or the dronekit-sitl doesn’t support plane??

You can also build sitl from source.

Hi Mustafa

Thanks for your reply. Of course I have set the build environment and it works fine with the sitl and I can fly the plane but when it comes to dronekit with sitl to run the external python code for API it doesnt work.

Have you tried that?

It works for PLANE without any doubt as i seen it happening prior. Refer to this Document

you should be able to do the RUNS. GOOD LUCK