Does arducopter support a pitot tube?

pretty straight foreword in the title.

Nope only arudplane supports it.

Thanks rickyg32, anybody have any back door methods of integrating it into multicopters?

How do you want to use the airspeed data?

Research, I want to see the efficiencies between single rotor and multi rotor aircraft in a cruise, hover and max speed. I have been hearing anecdotal evidence but I would like to see the numbers for myself.

I did it to an earlier version AC 3.3.3. It is not too difficult. I just mimicked how they did it Plane.

Here is the commit that incorporates the airspeed sensor in AC 3.3.3

Hey great Thanks! I’ll have a look at that when I get back to the office.

You really don’t need airspeed to do performance testing. Forward flight performance can be done in light winds but you just have to fly the same ground speed into the wind and then away from the wind and then average the results and the performance for the ground speed flown would be equivalent to the same airspeed. Or you could fly and oval or figure 8 course and average the data over 2 or 3 laps.
The other reason using airspeed may not be advisable is that you need to calibrate the sensor for both position error and the fact that in multicopters the pitch attitude will greatly affect the measurement because of the large pitch attitude necessary for forward flight. Helicopters still have to pitch the aircraft for forward flight but the attitudes aren’t as big as the multicopters. Point being pitch attitude has to be considered in order to get an accurate reading.

Thanks for the reply, I will be expire.enting with those things as Well, find a typical pitch angle and fasten the pitot at that angle. I will want to try a bunch of other things as Well a pitot tube may be helpful for.