Dodeca H-Frame setup needed

I have a very unique setup:
A Dodeca frame in H configuration. When I started more than a year ago, I was very relaxed of the firmware because I thought before I am done with my project there will be a Dodeca with H Frame by default available.

I was wrong… And now I am almost done…

To make a long story short: I am looking for a developer who can help me with this unique setup.

I fully understand that I have to pay for this individual programming and I am more than willing to do so! Seems like that there are not other guys with the same need.

Dear community: Do you have any advice how I get access to the specific developers?

Thanks to all


Frame configuration is quite straight forward, see this vid from iforce2d

Once you have the roll pitch and yaw factors for each motor for testing you can just paste over a existing frame, to add a new frame it is very slightly harder, you just have to go and add it to the new parameter descriptions for copter and plane

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