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Docs: name UAVcast as Companion Computer

Hi guys,

the documentation about Companion computers is missing UAVmatrix / UAVcast by Bernt Christian Egeland.

Location in docs:

Info about UAVcast:

Basically it is a composition of the known Linux tools with a Web interface to configure the setup including video, telemetry and zero-tier VPN.

From Bernt’s Web site:
UAVcast-Pro is an application which simplifies the proccess to communicate with your (mavlink-based) flight controller over cell or WiFi network.
Make the ultimate 4G LTE Drone in couple of clicks.

Everything can be configured from a responsive web application which can be accessed from any devices such as phone, tablet, desktop.

Flying LTE / 4G has never been easier.

The documentation relies heavily on user contributions. The best way to get content added is to submit a pull request with the necessary changes and references.

I have created a pull request for UAVcast-Pro

Great! Merged :slight_smile:

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I purchased this, and I list say it worls flawlessly. Easy setup, fires up each and every boot perfectly.

@orflyfisher82 glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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